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Superior Property Management in MASCOT, Eastlakes & Rosebery

The knowledgeable team at PM Realty apply considerable property expertise to a wide range of properties in the South of Sydney, including areas like Mascot, Rosebery and Eastlakes area. It has always been our mission to offer personalised assistance to our valued clients to ensure that they not only have a positive property experience, but a positive agent experience.

PM Realty consists of Principal Perly Cundasamy, Managing Director Szilvia Szecseiova, Senior Property Manager Amanda Gkiatas and Property Manager Liza Lim Chin. Together we form a close-knit team with a focused approach to property management; we do away with large, cumbersome teams to ensure that our approach is one that is focused and client oriented. 

A Boutique approach to Property Management MASCOT

As highly experienced property managers, we do not simply apply our knowledge to private real estate. In addition to our managing of personal properties, PM Realty also expertly manages commercial properties in the south of Sydney.

When we approach real estate, we try to do away with the more impersonal aspects of buying and selling properties to focus on the wants and needs of the client. For us as veteran real estate agents, this translates to a better experience and greater overall satisfaction for all parties.  Our property-related expertise is particularly beneficial for first home buyers intimidated by real estate. PM Realty can guide you through every facet of the process with ease, giving you the understanding and confidence to embrace your new property.

Achieving your ideal property vision

PM Realty has built trust in our community through our holistic approach to property management. Every property we foster is approached with considerable care and attention, resulting in excellent track record of successful sales and satisfied customers

If you’d like to become another one of our successful clients and benefit from our personalised service in the Mascot, Rosebery, Eastlakes and surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you have any queries about PM Realty or what we do, get in touch with us on 02 9669 1010, and we can walk you through anything you’d like to know about. Don’t wait any longer, achieve your real estate dream with PM Realty today!